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Here’s a few facts about Grunge…

1. Grunge is not a fucking clothing line, Its a music genre.

2. Grunge isn’t dead just because Kurt is dead, Yes Kurt did make grunge what it is but Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard and Chris Cornell did too and they are still very much alive. Grunge is just a thing that’s died down,Took a back seat but it’s not dead.

3. Grunge is not just Nirvana there’s a whole group of grunge bands Alice in Chains,Pearl Jam,Green River,Mad Season, Mother Love Bone, Temple of the dog and much more

4.Grunge is the most realistic shit this false world has seen, These people know and feel pain if you look through grunge history a lot of the stories are tragic.

5. Grunge is a lot more than what most people think, tell you what look the word ‘grunge’ up in a dictionary.


(via pearljamistheshittt)
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